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Mission Statement

It is the goal of the Cedar County Assessor's Office to provide accurate assessments delivered with professionalism, efficiency and outstanding service to the residents and property owners of Cedar County, Iowa, in accordance with the laws and codes of the State of Iowa

Important News

--- 10/15/2019 ---

Please report any new construction, remodeling, buildings removed or any other structural changes as soon as possible. Thank you!

--- 03/26/2019 ---

Assessment notices will be mailed on or before April 1st; 2019 values will also be available online on or about April 1st.

If you are unsatisfied with your assessment you can request an informal review April 2-25. You can also submit an appeal to the Board of Review April 2-30.

--- 10/30/2017 ---

The urban residential revaluation project will be starting in West Branch the during the week of November 13th, 2017. Representatives from Vanguard Appraisals will be performing door-to-door exterior and interior inspections. The last time a comprehensive review was completed was 2004-2005. It is only with your cooperation that this project can be completed and ensure that our assessments are fair and accurate. Please do not hesitate to contact the assessor's office with any questions.

--- 10/30/2017 ---

The assessor's office recently completed the annual mailing of the postcards to report any changes. Please report any buildings removed, interior or exterior changes- even if it is in progress. Please contact the office with any questions. Thank you!

--- 09/27/2017 ---

A door-to-door review for urban, residential properties is scheduled to begin soon! Starting in November appraisers from Vanguard Appraisals will be conducting exterior and interior inspections in all of Cedar County's cities during late 2017 and 2018. The last time a comprehensive door-to-door review was completed was 2004-2005. This is to ensure that the infomation pertaining to the property is up-to-date and accurate. The appraisers will have identification. Please feel free to contact the assessor's office with any questions.

--- 09/27/2017 ---

Cedar County has received a 5% residential equalization order from the Iowa Department of Revenue to be applied to the 2017 assessments. Property owners can protest the application of the 5% increase to their property only to the Cedar County Board of Review between October 9th and (including) October 31st. The protest must be in writing and taken to the assessor's office or postmarked to the Cedar County Board of Review by October 31st.

The local board of review can only remove the amount if an increase due to the equalization order.

If the property owner is not satisfied with the local board of review decision the party may then appeal to the Iowa Property Assessment Appeal Board or district court within 20 days after the board's adjournment.

Please direct any questions to the assessor's office.

--- 08/07/2017 ---

Please direct questions regading property taxes to the Treasurer's Office. They can be reached at (563)886-2557.


If you have questions regarding the Stanwood Draining District, please contact the Cedar County Auditor's Office.


If you have questions regarding property taxes, please contact the Cedar County Treasurer's Office.

--- 06/19/2017 ---

July 1st is fast approaching!


The following property tax credits and/or exemption have an annual deadline of July 1st:

 Homestead Tax Credit

Military Exemption

Disabled Veteran Homestead Tax Credit

Business Property Tax Credit

 Forms are available by clicking on the 'Forms' icon on the left side of this screen or @ www.cedarcounty.org. Feel free to contact the assessor's office with any questions.


Assessment notices have been mailed. Changes occured on almost every property type! Some went up, others went down. Feel free to contact the assessor's office with any questions regarding your assessment. An informal review can be requested April 2-April 25; a petition to the Board of Review can be filed April 2-April 30 (or May 1 this year as April 30 is a Sunday). Information pertaining to the informal review and/or filing to the the Board of Review can be found @ www.cedarcounty.org or by clicking on the "Forms" icon on the lower left side of the home screen.


The 2017 assessed values will be added to the website on or about April 3, 2017.

--- 02/02/2017 ---

If you are seeking the amount of PROPERTY TAXES you have paid, please contact the Cedar County Treasurer's Office or visit www.cedarcounty.org for the current and previous year(s) property tax statements.

--- 11/22/2016 ---

ESTIMATE taxes on a parcel - Disclaimer - This is only an estimate and subject to change.

--- 09/13/2016 ---

Postcards for changes to properties have been mailed to all owners of improved parcels, urban and rural. Please report any changes (removal, demolition, remodel, new construction) and mail back to the assessor's office. Contact the office with any questions.

--- 08/12/2016 ---

The tax statements recently sent out are based on the 2015 Assessments. 2016 Assessments are the basis for taxes that are payable in the fall of 2017 and the spring of 2018. Questions pertaining to taxes or the payment of taxes should be addressed to the Treasurer's Office. Questions pertaining to values and most property tax credits and/or exemptions can be directed to the assessor's office. Contact the assessor's office if you believe a tax credit and/or exemption you signed up for is not being applied to the current tax bill. Thank you.

--- 07/19/2016 ---

The 2016 aerials are available- both the orthos (straight down) and the obliques (angular)! They are linked through both this website and the GIS website. We are very excited about this new development!

--- 03/30/2016 ---


The Cedar County Assessor's Office is mailing notices to all property owners that have had a change in their assessment for January 1, 2016 (value and/or class change).  You may contact the Assessor’s office between the dates of April 2 and April 25 for an informal review of your property.  If you wish to appeal to the Board of Review, your petition must be in writing and filed with the Assessor’s office from April 2 through April 30.  It must be postmarked no later than April 30.

The 2016 assessment is one component for taxes that are payable in the fall of 2017 and the spring of 2018.


Our newletter is available online at: http://www.cedarcounty.org/offices/assessor/index.htm. Click on NEWSLETTER. This edition includes information that is available on the Cedar County GIS Website and summarizes a few of the changes associated with House File 616, including changes to local board of review appeal dates. We hope you find it informative and easily accessible. We welcome any comments, feedback or suggested topics.

--- 07/30/2015 ---

The tax estimator has been updated with the most recent certified levies.


2015 Assessment Rolls are out!  2015 Assessed Values are available online! Assessments are to be at market value (with the exception of agricultural land and agricultural use buildings). Assessors are statutorily charged with reviewing assessed values at a minimum of every odd year and adjusting assessments accordingly to be at market value on most classes of property. Some parts of Cedar County received adjustments for 2015, some did not. It varied on the type, class and location of the property.

Agricultural land and agricultural use buildings are assessed on the basis of productivity and net earning capacity using a five year crop average and capitalized at the rate set by the legislature. All agricultural land and buildings in Cedar County were adjusted in accordance with this methodology for 2015.

2015 also brought a new class of property entitled: Multiresidential. Dual classification of property was also introduced for 2015. 

Board of Review petitions are accepted April 7th-May 5th inclusive. Petitions are available online @ www.cedarcounty.org or can be picked up at the assessor's office. An informal review can also be requested from April 1st-May 4th. Feel free to contact the assessor's office with any questions regarding your assessment. Thank you!

--- 01/06/2015 ---

February 1st is fast approaching! Multiple property tax exemptions and credit applications are due on that date including (but not limited to): Forest or Fruit Tree Reservation, Geothermal Heating and Cooling System Exemption, Historic Property Rehabilitation, Barn or One Room School House Preservation, etc. Please see our website @ www.cedarcounty.org for all property tax credit and exemption applications administered through the the assessors office. Please note: Business Property Tax Credit Applications are due March 15, 2015.

--- 11/06/2014 ---

The Cedar County Assessor's Office is very excited to announce that the Property Tax Estimator is now available! This allows property tax estimations with the most up-to-date certified values, state set rollbacks and levy rates. We are delighted to make this tool available to the public and other county offices! Simply click on "Get Current Year Property Tax Estimate" viewing a parcel; check any applicable exemptions or credits and an esitmate will be generated.

--- 10/09/2014 ---

The Cedar County Assessor's Offce and the Cedar County Recorder's Office is asking residents to be cautious if they receive a mailing asking them if they want a copy of their deed and property assessment. County offices across the state have received inquiries from concerned citizens regarding letters received stating 'there was deed activity recorded in public record' and that the property owner should obtain a 'current property grant deed and assessment.' The company is charging $83.00 for the service.  The mailing is designated to cause a property owner to believe that there has been a recently recorded document, which is often not accurate. Anyone receiving this notice should not be alarmed or feel that it is necessary to respond to it. A copy of a deed can be obtained from the Cedar County Recorder's Office for a few dollars in copy fees; if you have any questions about or would like to inquire about obtaining a copy of your deed, please contact the Cedar County Recorder's Office at (563)886-2230. A property assessment record card can be downloaded from the Cedar County Assessor website or from the obtained from the Cedar County Assessor's office; please contact the Cedar County Assessor's Office at (563)886-6413 if you have questions about your property assessment. Thank you.


A multitude of real estate information is now available from www.cedarcounty.org, including information from the Auditor, the Recorder & the Treasurer. Click on "Real Estate" on the left side of the screen to take you to the search options. The link is: http//:www.cedarcounty.org


If you are having difficulty finding a parcel via the address search, please try entering the house number OR the street name. This will result in more possible matches.


Please double click on the parcel number(s) once you have completed your search in order to open the card. Thank you.